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TOEFL - should boys and girls learn in separate classrooms?

Due to the more rapid development of female brains and the desire not to hinder them, education systems tend to be geared more towards girls, leaving boys just slightly behind. Girls are often known to be shyer than boys. While they are good at carrying out certain tasks with precision, their shyness when in a class full of boys can sometimes be difficult for them and cause them to hold back out of fear of ridicule, leading to a reduction in class participation.

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Competitiveness and different ways of solving problems Most boys are more daring than girls and love to learn their own lessons. As a rule, they tend to step out of the box when completing assignments and try to find their own ways to reach answers, making each task a new adventure. The female perception is more inclusive, imaginary and emotional.

I think they should be in different schools.

They like problematic issues that make them more involved and active in finding solutions. Moreover, the competitiveness in them gives them the push to be the ones who find the solution first.

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  • Mutual respect and group tasks Both groups were given group tasks in which they had to find a solution acceptable to the entire group. Topic: boys and girls should attend separate classes.

    I do not agree with statement that boys and girls should attend separate schools. I believe that they should be educated in the same schools to prepare them well for their life after the school. They also learn how to become friends with each other and there will be a fair teaching if they learn through the same techniquies in the same school. Firstly, It is very important now-a-days that boys and girls should have a wide knowledge in every field.

    Education not only serves students to keep them informed about the academic and bookish knowledge but the purpose of the education is to teach them about the world outside the four walls of the class room.

    Secondly, they learn to become friends with each other which not only help them in their schools and routine life but also in their life after the school. They learn to communicate with opposite sex which helps them in increasing their communicational skills which is important in alsmost every job today. Co-education prepares students better to deal with all kinds of people.

    Essay about Should Boys and girls Attend Different Schools?

    This would help create a better society by discouraging gender discrimination. Hi You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions. I believe they can learn lessons together. They don't need separate classrooms. In the first reason, can you be more specific?