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In order to obtain your ALP, you need to ensure that your existing mobile phone number registered with our Bank is valid and current. To update your mobile number, simply call our Customer Service Hotline for instant update or visit any of our branches to fill up the Update of Personal Particulars Form. In the event that you lose your mobile phone, please call us at to log a report. We will then temporarily suspend your Internet Banking account until you have provided us with your latest mobile phone number. The bank will pay for any outgoing SMS sent to customers. You will not be charged for incoming local SMS.

However, if you are receiving an SMS while traveling overseas, there may be an incoming charge for the SMS depending on the country specific telecommunications companies. Yes, you should be able to access to your Internet Banking in most of the countries. Please ensure that your mobile phone is registered with the bank and is enabled with global roaming service. If you do not own a mobile phone, kindly contact our Service Consultants at to request for a security token to be issued to you. The bank does not encourage users of our Internet Banking service to share mobile phone numbers for logon.

At any one time, only one customer with the same registered mobile phone number is allowed to logon to our Internet Banking.

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Your ALP will only be valid for 15 minutes after which it will expire and cannot be used for logon. You have not registered your mobile number with us. You can do so by calling our Customer Service Hotline at for instant registration or visiting us at any of our branches to fill up the form to update your personal particulars. You are using a mobile phone number other than your registered mobile phone number.

You can only receive your ALP with your current and registered mobile phone number. Please kindly contact our Service Consultants at for further assistance. If you are still unable to receive your ALP although your mobile number is confirmed updated and current, it could be due to the following reasons:. You could be one of those who have recently switched your mobile phone service provider but still retaining your old mobile number. You may experience non-receipt or delayed SMS, as it is a known problem on portability between difference local telecommunication service providers.

There may be some service delays or interruptions by your mobile service providers.

Electronic Data Interchange

Delays could arise due to high SMS load, e. Your mobile phone may be out of network coverage.

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Please check the signal strength on your phone. You may need to shift your phone to an area where there is better network coverage. Your SMS inbox of your phone may be full.

Transfer paper buy online malaysia

If the problem persists, please kindly contact our Service Consultants at for further assistance. You can see a summary of your accounts at the Overview Homepage once you have login to our Internet Banking. Yes, just click on "Transaction History" and select the individual account for transaction details.

You can view transactional history up to 60 days for deposit and overdraft account, 1 year for loan account and last 3 statements for credit card account.

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You can select your latest transaction or historical transactions that you wish to keep and click on the 'Download CSV file' button to save the information on the excel spread sheet for your tracking or download in PDF File format. Once the account s has been successfully registered, you may proceed to transfer funds immediately. You can check your account transaction history for the update.

You should also check whether there are errors notified to your mailbox. You may contact our Customer Care Consultant at should you need further clarification on the unsuccessful transactions. The successful transfer will be reflected in your month-end statement. However, should the fund transfer transaction is unsuccessful, you will receive a credit advice from the bank to notify you of the Interbank GIRO returned item.

If the Interbank Fund transfer is rejected, the transferred amount should be credited back to your account by the payee bank on the third business day. Simply select the third-party payee from the existing payee list and click 'Remove'. You can lower the daily limits anytime, via to reduce your daily transfer limit. However, please note that if you wish to revert to a higher transfer limits or the original maximum daily limit, you will have to write in to us using designated "Increase Transfer Limit Application Form". You can delete any of your Post-dated or Scheduled Fund Transfer instructions before the effective date.

Your scheduled instructions will be processed in early morning of the effective date.

Bill payment is a free service that allows you to make payment to any of our participating billing organisations. Paying bills online saves you the hassle of writing cheques and queuing at the branch.

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What's more, you can avoid late payment charges as you can do an immediate payment and set a future date or scheduled recurring instructions for your bill payment. You can pay bills to any of our participating billing organisations. To find out more, logon to our Internet Banking now. Look out for more participating billing organisations as we are constantly enhancing our bill payment service.

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If you are unsure, please kindly check with your respective billing organisation. You will need to do a one time initial set up to add the billing organisation that you wish to make payment to. All you need to do is to select the billing organisation that you wish to set up and enter the billing reference and click on 'Confirm new payee details'.

The successful bill payment transaction will be reflected in your next billing statement with the respective billing organisations. Please allow at least days from the day of your payment date for the payee to receive your payment.

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You should be advised to pay 3 working days in advance to allow sufficient time for processing. Yes, you can do an immediate payment, set a future date or schedule a recurring instruction for your bill payment. However, if you are setting a future date or scheduling a recurring instruction, please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account, as your account will be debited on the day of payment. You need to ensure that sufficient funds are available by the effective due date as your account will be debited on the effective due date.

Should there be insufficient funds in your account, your payment instruction will be rejected. Yes, you can delete your Scheduled Payment instructions one business day before the effective due date. International Funds Transfer is a new service offered by the bank to allow users to do telegraphic transfer across borders. You will have to first add an international fund transfer beneficiary by filling in the various details of the payee. Funds can then be transferred to the existing payee. Online International Funds Transfer has the following advantage: You can perform the fund transfer at anytime of the day and anywhere across borders Save the hassle of queuing at the branch.

The foreign exchange rate displayed online is only indicative and it does not represent the actual rate that takes effect on your International Funds Transfer. The exchange rate is subjected to the Bank's prevailing exchange rate as of the date and time of processing.

All telegraphic transfer submitted before pm Mon-Fri will be processed on the same business day. Any application submitted after pm or on public holidays, Saturday and Sunday will only be processed on the next working day. You can check your debiting account to verify that the transaction has been effected. Alternatively, you can check under the payment and transfer history to see whether the transaction has been successfully processed. The bank will also send you a debit advice once the transaction is effected successfully.

The funds will reach the beneficiary approximately days later depending on when the beneficiary's bank releases the funds. Once the request application has been submitted successfully, you will not be able to cancel the transfer. You can view your current Standard Chartered Credit Card latest statements and previous 2 months card statements online. All you need to do is to click on 'Transactional History' under 'Cards' and key in the period of the transactions you want to view.

You can make payment to your Standard Chartered Credit Card bills via immediate, future transfer or scheduled payment mode. You have the options to pay Outstanding, Minimum or Full amounts. You can change the payment to any amount after you have selected any of the 3 options. Yes, you can pay a third-party Standard Chartered credit card.