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The Consequences of Choices in E. Frome

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Print Word PDF. This section contains words approx. Examines the effect of the novel's setting on the character of Ethan.

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Connects the setting to Ethan's isolation from the world. It can be disputed that the setting in Ethan Frome is the most important character in the book.

Ethan Frome Essay | Essay

As far as she is concerned, we know that she cannot work, or only very little, so she cannot be of any use to Ethan as regards work in the house and around the farm. She is a prisoner of her house: very seldom does she go away or move out of it. Ethan lives in a world of sick people and he is much affected by it.

Ethan Frome : A Study

The landscape is described as rocky, barren, grim-looking, sullen and cheerless. The huge amount of snow in winter has an especially oppressive and desperate effect.

We know that the horse has a lot of trouble trying to move forward, pulling the carriage. The characters seem to feel the winter the same way: it is a hindrance for them, they can only move much more slowly. Ethan seems to undergo this situation with pain, but he cannot go away during the winter because of monetary reasons and because he has to care about the farm.

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  5. The oppressive landscape is another narrator of the sad story. He has great trouble speaking and communicating his ideas, impressions and feelings with other people, which most of the time makes him undergo the situation passively: p. He dares not speak with Mattie a lot, nor tell her he really loves her. If he had not married Zeena, he could probably have married Mattie, and it is said on page 98 why he cannot suddenly decide to leave her, so I think it is clear that he feels like a prisoner.