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For advice and guidance about arrangements for any of your students, please email us as early as possible at eos aqa. Occasional absence: you should be able to accept the occasional absence of students by making sure they have the chance to make up what they have missed.

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You may organise an alternative supervised session for students who were absent at the time you originally arranged. Lost work: if work is lost you must tell us how and when it was lost and who was responsible, using our special consideration online service at aqa.

Extra help: where students need extra help which goes beyond normal learning support, please use the CRF to tell us so that this help can be taken into account during moderation. After the moderation period and the deadline for Enquiries about Results or once any enquiry is resolved you may return the work to students.

You must show clearly how marks have been awarded against the assessment criteria in this specification. Your comments must help the moderator see, as precisely as possible, where you think the students have met the assessment criteria. You must:.

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The moderator re-marks a sample of the evidence and compares this with the marks you have provided to check whether any changes are needed to bring the marking in line with our agreed standards. Any changes to marks will normally keep your rank order but, where major inconsistencies are found, we reserve the right to change the rank order.

If you're in a consortium of schools or colleges with joint teaching arrangements where students from different schools and colleges have been taught together but entered through the school or college at which they are on roll , you must let us know by:. We'll allocate the same moderator to all schools and colleges in the consortium and treat the students as a single group for moderation.

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We will return your students' work to you after the exams. You'll also receive a report when the results are issued, which will give feedback on the appropriateness of the tasks set, interpretation of the marking criteria and how students performed in general. To meet Ofqual requirements, as well as for awarding, archiving or standardising purposes, we may need to keep some of your students' work. We'll let you know if we need to do this. AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Aqa Ict Gcse Coursework Family Law Questions

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More information Accept. Check Submit marks online to see the exceptions and information on how to submit marks.

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You still need to send us your students' work. See Send student samples.

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The deadlines for submitting marks are summarised in the table below, or see our deadlines finder. However you submit, please help us to ensure your students' results are accurate.

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Make sure you check that:. More information Accept. Results insights Subjects Qualifications Professional development Exams administration. What you need to send to us You need to: send us your students' samples as soon as possible — at the very latest within five days of: the submission deadline receiving the sample notification from your moderator for subjects excluded from e-Subs include a copy of the centre mark form where applicable for your subject include a signed candidate record form for each student include a signed centre declaration sheet for each component use standard post do not use a service that requires a signature from the recipient keep a record of all items you send follow the encrypted media guidance for relevant student samples.