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It is essential for productivity, relaying information, employee morale, getting and giving feedback. The ways that businesses choose to communicate have followed many trends throughout the years. Advancements in technology are a large contributor to the changes in business communication. Companies are hard pressed to stay current with their available communication systems. Business communication plays a very important role in my day-to-day activities at work…. According to Birchfield, the need to operate effectively and efficiently is vital to any organization, and is increasing exponentially as organizations evolve to….

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Be sure to address the following questions in your paper: o What role does business communication play in es? The author starts by taking note of the increasingly growing trend towards….

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Employee education means that when companies hire employees, companies will provide employees with specific training and development education. This education is designed for employees, and helps employees increase their productivity and efficiency.

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This will also help employees understand what real business is. I have experience by gaining benefit from employee education in order to help me deal with my jobs in international business. My previous job was a business administer….

Business Communication Trends Paper…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. How does it manage daily work? Sometimes research may be required for our customer inquiries that need additional information. My place of business is forwarding information to our customers increasingly by referring them to the company web sites where pertinent company data can be found in one location.

Telecommunication also plays a very important role in my workplace business communication, especially in my workplace sales department. The majority of the work day is spent on the telephone talking to clients. Many times, people in the sales departments are multi-tasking, sending the clients information they requested via e-mail and acquiring a telephone conversation with them.

As a result, many more of our employees have chosen to take days off in the middle of the work week, when the golf courses, and the malls are not so crowed, and they decide to work the weekends instead. In addition, technology has made my workplace gain more control over hiring decisions.

The first step in successful business communication is to identify the communication weaknesses in a business. This can be through brainstorming where challenges facing the business can be identified. Some questions may serve as a guideline, these include: Have employees been provided with a good working environment? Are they happy with what they are doing? Has the business been able to satisfy all the clients?

Is proper information provided to all stakeholders? Is there good flow of conversations? After reviewing the above issues, then the business has to address these challenges giving the first priority to the most troublesome. By addressing the challenges one by one the relationship in general is strengthened.

There is need to develop proactive and constructive communication skills in order to tackle these challenges. Once a challenge is chosen, one has to consider the issues that make it a challenge then address them systematically. For example, a business may be faced by a challenge of unsatisfied employees; issues causing this may be inadequate communication, lack of a safe working environment or poor organization structure. If such issues are addressed, then that challenge will be tackled. Communication means more than just giving out messages; it involves speaking, listening, sending, and receiving messages Guffey, Rogin and Rhodes, 4.

In communication, listening is the key to success and most of the time listening gets people into problems because they do not practice it. For business communication to be successful, listening has to be proficient.

When a business is faced with challenges, there are people who already know what the problem is. Allowing them to give their ideas concerning that particular problem really helps. It is not always easy to hold back and allow others to give their opinion but if this is practiced it results in business communication success Krizan et al After listening and taking notes from the suggested solutions, a business can now move forward and define what it wants to achieve.

This is a very critical stage and one has to be proactive in order to achieve success. One has to think about the benefits to be achieved and how they will affect the success of the business. The next step is to prepare a communication plan that is proactive. This is a plan that is prepared after defining a business success and getting solution from the listening activities. Things to be included in the plan include: taking employees to seminars that cover topics such as customer care, organizing get together between employers and employees, rewarding employees, holding regular meetings, including major stakeholders in business decision, assurance to personal service among others.

This plan does not concentrate in solving past troubles but in laying down a good foundation that guarantees business future success Pride et al A communication plan should take into consideration the availability of resources and whether the business aims at a long term or short term objective.

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Once a communication plan has been prepared, the business now focuses on the implementation. The expected result should be kept in mind and the main constitute of the plan reviewed to make sure they are in line with the expected result. The implementation process should involve as many people as possible but it should have one person who is accountable to it. Once the implementation process is complete, the business should take time to reflect on what it has just done and consider whether it has been able to meet the objective of the plan. The final step of a successful business communication is evaluation of the results.

One should go back two steps and review what was the objective and aim of carrying out the plan.

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The results should be evaluated to make sure that they are in line with the expectation. Once the business is satisfied with the result, it should take time to thank everyone who participated in the whole process and reward itself. Sound bites are brief statements that clearly state the aims, purpose, or nature of a certain product. They are taken from an interview of a person with authority such as a politician, a director, or a marketing manager of a certain company. Sound bites are considered to be the most important point from the interview by the people responsible for editing it and they are inserted into the news broadcast Whitaker et al For them to be effective they must use vivid self-motivated language, be brief and clear, outstanding and easy to repeat Mclean, Slogans are short and memorable phrases that are used in advertising movements.