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It may also take the form of an opposition between man and man between the protagonist and a human adversary, the antagonist , as, for example, in most detective fiction. This statement reflects the theme of isolation and how one can truly understand themselves through self-reflection and time spent in loneliness.

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Hence, both of these pieces of literature illustrate the troubles of women in a male-dominated society. As a result, both characters experience oppression by overbearing male influences and are physically and emotionally …show more content….

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She sits in an upstairs room, which use to be a nursery. While restricted from activity, she becomes obsessed with peeling yellow wallpaper. Secretly, she writes in her diary.

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She is supervised by her husband sister Jennie, and the nanny that tends to their baby. Miss Emily is portrayed with high statuses and while she did carry herself with dignity, people in the community only gave her respect based on fear of what she could do to them. It was not until her death when her true character was revealed when the skeleton of her lover Homer Baron is discovered in an upstairs room in her house.

Not only did Emily Poison him, but gray hairs was found next to his skeleton, revealing that she had been sleeping with a corpse for years. People thought that anyone in their right mind would not do such a thing as sleep with a corpse, especially for that long. Along with her refusal to pay taxes, Emily murders Homer Barron, which also emphasizes her inability to be alone or to deal with pain and rejection. At this point Emily is trying to stop time, and embrace the joyous moment she has with Homer still there with her.

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The killing of Homer, gives Emily the feeling that she has a relationship with a man that she can never be with for a long time. Both Stores were written by different authors in years time difference, they still reflect the same injustice that was inflicted on women in the late s, The two stories are different by how the stories were written and the personalities of the women were different.

The two stories compare by the women coming from social standing families and being pushed into insanity by the men who were suppose to be protecting them. The two short stories just seem to belong together; they both have the same theme that is the psychosocial subject matter. Both of the main characters in the two stories suffer from psychological disorders that restrain them from living normal, everyday lives. Gender is linked to ideas of love and hate through repression. These short stories made the reader able to feel the importance or status of men and women in the society, there is description of the ill woman and the women who are not happy in the society.

Both the writer seem to be the female protagonists, as they describe the story in a great way, the stories describe the experience the time that the seclusion leading made the women ill or crazy for the society.

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The stories described the insanity and isolation of women. The literature of the stories illustrate about the experiences that the women faced in the societies or could face due to the dominance of the men related to them, example, in the stories there are the dominance of the father and husbands, however, the men associated with women can be dominant because they can pressurize on influence women. Miss Emily character was focused as she recluse from the people or townspeople; she isolated herself from the town her whole character and the story structure described as the gloom and darkness.

The women in the stories are fatty ridges, there are the descriptions of the troubles of women and the major influence of the male is shown on the women as it is the male-dominated society.

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Women oppression is focused on describing the overbearing of both the characters because they made the women feel them selfless important for themselves and the society, through the male influences both the women were physically and emotionally isolated from the society. The stories focused on the isolation and insanity there is the combination of love, hate or the issues.